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We employ all commercially used surface finishing methods.

And, should it be necessary to develop a new process to meet your specific requirements, we do so together with you.

Use our wealth of experience for custom and economical solutions.


Zinc flake coatings are non-electrolytically applied coatings that offer very good corrosion protection. They consist of a mixture of zinc and aluminum flakes that bonds an organic-inorganic matrix.

We use the following processes

  • Delta Protekt®
  • Delta Tone®
  • Magni

Our product portfolio includes wet-chemical applied zinc and zinc-alloy coatings (zinc-iron, zinc-nickel) which we apply both as bulk material as well as in rack processes.

We use the following processes

  • Electroplated zinc
  • Electroplated zinc-iron
  • Electroplated zinc-nickel
  • Electroplated Zinklad
  • Zinc phosphating

In the presence of certain environmental influences (e.g., vibration, dynamic loading, and others), unsecured screw connections can lose their preload force. Complete failure of the connection is possible.

Our thread-locking processes provide connection security.

We use the following processes
Spot and all-round coatings on connecting elements

  • Adhesive acc. to DIN 267 part 27
  • Locking acc. to DIN 267 part 28
  • Sealing according to factory standards

The electrochemical process of cathodic dip painting (CDP) is ideal as a basecoat for painting complicated structures and large quantities. The range of coatable products spans from small parts coated using the drum process to complicated part geometries that we coat in the rack process.


In the area of hot-dip galvanizing, we offer a unique, self-developed coating process using the rack process. The parts – such as screws for the wind power industry – that leave our system are “ready-to-build.” They can be installed directly with no thread rolling – which can damage the coating.


Numerous automated inspection and sorting systems are available to you in our department for 100% automated inspection. We check your goods for

  • Foreign bodies
  • Internal drive carryover (mechanical bit check)
  • Head cracks
  • Geometric shape and dimensional deviations

The parts can then be precisely packed in their final packaging at our facility, labeled and, on request, shipped directly to OEMs. This saves you time and costs and increases your degree of value generation.

We can “degrease” aluminum parts.

“Chemical cleaning including brightening of the parts” is also available as an option. Through subsequent application of lubricant coating or sealant, the parts can be set to the desired friction coefficient window.

We apply sealants or lubricants to all types of electroplated parts or workpieces with zinc flake coatings. Our standard selection includes more than 60 different sealants and lubricants.

Depending on the application purpose, we coat workpieces partially or apply markings.

Over 1000 m²  laboratory & technology center

Our R&D team employs state-of-the-art production, measurement, and analysis methods in their work. Read more