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Electrophoretic deposition


Kathodische Tauchlackierung


Electrophoretic deposition also known as electrocoating, e-coating, or electrophoretic painting is an electrochemical deposition process similar to the galvanizing one. During electrophoretic deposition the coating is formed as a result of the chemical transfer of charged binding agents oppositely charged goods. Subsequent curing crosslinks the deposited organic film and forms the finish with 20-39mm thickness in the standard application (EC) and 35-50mm for thick finishes (TEC).



EC                                        black                          Cr (VI) -free, Pb -free, Cd -free

TEC                                       black                          Cr (VI) -free, PB -free, Cd -free


Zinc + EC                              black                          Cr (VI) -free, PB -free, Cd -free