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Physical Laboratory

The inspection of the agreed upon parameters for layer qualities primarily takes place in three core areas:

The thickness of the individual or multiple layers applied are inspected and managed according to the order using state of the art layer thickness measurement devices (x-ray fluorescence analysis and magnet inductive measurement technology) coupled with computer supported evaluation and logging units.

Corrosion inspection chambers are used as a preventative measure to monitor compliance with requirements for corrosion resistance (DIN EN ISO 9227, DIN 50018 in conjunction with DIN EN ISO 6988, VW PV 1210, VDA621-415, APGE) and the result are documented and archived.

We inspect compliance with the agreed upon screw connection properties and physical-mechanical parameters such as friction coefficients, starting torque, preload forces and lossening torque at high temperatures per DIN EN ISO 16047, individual customers norms or VDA norms such as VDA235-203 for screws up to M 24 and strength categories up to 12.9. 


Physikalisches Labor